Hello Female Entrepreneurs!

I am writing to you that diligently every day tries to create something unique, everyday try to get noticed, get more clients.

That you are afraid to do, not do your job diligently, that you need to push harder to achieve your goal. That sometime feels inadequate and clumsy. Afraid to have to act professionally all the time, afraid to lose your credibility.

But I am also talking to the other you. The successful business women that strive in his industry, do their homework, researching new ways to collaborate and get exposed. That you manage to handle both your personal life and your business life. That you wake up early, make breakfast for your family, get your children to school, clean the house, do the washing and also manage to have a business!

Both sides are alive inside you and you need to embrace this in order to make your business successful.

So with this in mind, I am happy to share with you some tips that you can use in your daily basis business management:

  1. Inspiring home life

This point is so important in particular when you have little ones to take care of. Your aim is to set the boundaries that will allow you to be productive and take care both of your house and your business.

Create a harmonious, well balance lifestyle it can be complicated, but I know by experience that if you work on it, by setting boundaries in the house and finding some time for yourself this is really achievable.

One hour a day doing yoga and meditation can benefit you providing the strength to face the day with the right mindset. Also, communicate when you are working as well as create your home office in the house will help you to have a clear space to work.

Those tricks will concur to make you feel better and create the right mindset for you to face all the daily challenges .

2 Social media presence

In a world more and more virtual connected having and developing a social media presence is essential to the marketing strategy of a business.

Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, social media are great channels for business results, including leads and purchases.

However, remember the most important rule when you interact in a social media platform: you have to give your followers more valuable content than selling content in order to succeed and build a solid network.

Photo by William Iven

 3. Utilising your networks.

Owning a small business can be a lonely trip. To beat the loneliness, build a network with other member of your industry will help to share problems and ask for help.

For each industry there are constitute bodies created for this purpose. For example, for the wedding industry in which I belong the UKWAP(UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) is the landmark for all the wedding business owners.

It is a great place to share openly and get help. The UKWAP provide also courses and mentoring help for whoever seeking it.

It is quite beneficial to have a mentor or peer who perfectly understands your situation and can assist you in solving any issues you might be facing.

Lacking free time for inter-person networking? It is recommended to join online communities instead. In the wedding industry, enrolling in groups and online community like for example the Wedding Academy or The Wedding Planner is an excellent way of creating a personal network for support.

Professionals in these groups provide a good avenue for relaying new ideas, genuine uncertainties, and frustrations.

4. Looking Out For New Business Leads

Always. Don’t just rely on your current network and sources – always be on the lookout for new business leads.

Understanding where to create connection could really make the difference. Industry groups are an excellent first stop, because you can use those to increase your leads and getting known in the industry as a professional.

It is very important to interact with people who can help you to get potential clients and grow your business.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com