About me

Who am I and what I do

Hello, my name is Giada

and I am a Wedding and Event planner based in London.

Wedding Academy graduate

From Milan...

I have always been in love with great decors and details. I truly believe that every small occasion can be transformed in a great party!

Since when I was a little kid I knew I was naturally in love with creating aesthetic look for family’s lunches and dinners, so based on my passion for design and events  in 2009 I enrolled to the Hospitality School in Milan and I got my Diploma in 2013.

...to London

At the age of nineteen I left my past behind me and I got ready for a new adventure in one of the few place in the whole earth that are still considered the land of dream, where your biggest ones can come true: London!

London gave me the voice and the strength to say out loud who I am and where I am going. This wonderful city gave me the possibility to learn new skills and improve my knowledge in the event world.

I worked in the Event industry for 5 years and in 2019 I decided to become a business owner by launching my own wedding planning services as Enchanting Weddings and Events.

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