Consultancy and Day Coordination

How are you this morning, my dear?

Yes, I am asking you this question! I’m not insane, but I can feel what you’re going through. I felt your excitement at the start of the journey, and now I feel your exhaustion.

I can hear you typing on that keyboard late at night when everyone else is sleeping.

I can see your morning grumpiness and the fatigue that has followed you like a shadow for days. It is now time to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I am aware of how much you value making decisions and having control over your special day, but if you would allow me to help, we can share the load and you can get back to enjoying the planning process!

Give me the hard work, and I’ll give you back a crystal-clear strategy that plays out exactly as you want!

Six months prior to your wedding day we will start working together and here is how can I help you:

  • Brainstorming plan for you to compile to fully understand your priorities for each call
  • Monthly 60-minute chat where we will go through any elements of your wedding day that you feel the need to discuss
  • Following our call, a step-by-step list will be sent to you so you have your actionable plan on hand!

Three months prior to your wedding day:

On the day of your wedding:

Price & Fees

from £3750

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