Full planning

Congratulations, you are engaged!

What an exciting time!

I’m sure you started looking for suppliers, venues, and ideas for your wedding day right away!

But I know you’ve been feeling a lot more stressed and worried since you started planning. Your planning time is limited, and fitting everything into your hectic schedule appears impossible!

You’ve found the welcoming face you were looking for, so don’t worry.

I am your go-to person and I will be happy to show you the way so you can confidently delegate your hard work.

You are the Brain, and I am the Brawn, ensuring that your wedding is a success! It will be flawless, just like magic!

We will begin working together 12 months before your wedding, and this is how I can help you:

Price & Fees

12.5% of your total budget, subject to a minimum fee of £5125

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