Conference and Meetings Coordination

Business events

Right now, you have a lot on your plate.

You put a lot of effort into achieving your goals, so adding another business event to prepare is simply too much for you.

Consider me your Personal Event Assistant! You can delegate this project to me so that you can concentrate on the rest of your work!

I come from a corporate background and have planned many meetings and events over the years; you can trust me to create the most beautiful (and smooth!) event for your delegates, partners, and company!

Do you want to learn more? The following is how it works.

Three months prior to your corporate event:

  • Brainstorming plan for you to compile to fully understand your priorities for each call
  • Fortnight 60-minute chat where we will go through any elements of your event 
  • Following our call, a step-by-step list will be sent to you so you have your actionable plan on hand!

On the day of your event:

Price & Fees

from £4375

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