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With my bespoke services  you will always keep the full control of your wedding planning. My aim is to help you when you are stuck in the Wedding planning process to get back on your feet and be able to overcome the difficulties.

Thank you for this question. It is very important to me being super transparent about my costs. I offer bespoke services that are tailored to you, following you during the whole process.

I am always available for you and reachable anytime you need me. I also do not accept any commission from suppliers and venues I recommend to you, and I converted all the commissions I have been offered into exclusive discounts for you.

You got the best on the market, already tried & tested at a discounted price that you won’t get if you book them by yourself.

Your Venue Coordinator is brilliant, kind and proactive however unfortunately this important figure won’t handle your wedding day from start to finish.

In fact, usually your Venue Coordinator will plan everything for the venue and with the venue including spreadsheets to be handled to the in house catering team.
On your Wedding day is likely that she/he won’t be there as her job ended when all details of your wedding have been passed to the Operation Manager.
Usually the Operation Manager will handle his catering team that will prepare the reception area (and sometimes the ceremony as well if it is in-house).
The Operation Manager won’t be able to make sure that your favours are placed where you have said so, or check which supplier have arrived or again help your guests to find their seats. The Manager and the Team will be too busy handling the service and you will find yourself alone to delegate your Bridal Team to check everything for you.

From personal experience, it is much worse to delegate to your mum or your bridesmaids that will need to rush up and down for you risking to ruin their hairstyle and makeup, instead of get a person that is there totally for you with confy shoes and with no need to be perfect for wedding pictures. Plus, I am sure you want to spend these precious moments with them and hire a planner will really make you in the condition to seize your day!

You will be in total control of your wedding with me. Each detail will be discussed thoroughly with you and you will always have the last word.

You will be 100% satisfied of the result as you did it. Your wedding day is the direct result of your story as a couple, it comes together as a perfect match representing you two and your lifes together.

Hiring a wedding planner will only help you to make your vision comes to life.

You will always be in total control, my approach is simple: your wedding, your way.

I’ll be there with you to help you during the wedding process, but you will always be the decision maker.

You can check out my method of operation or contact me if you’re curious to learn more about how I approach planning.


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