“I have silk flowers and I love them, I don’t want the stress of flowers dying on the day or the delivery”

“I will have silk flowers, so much cheaper and just as beautiful. Also I am able

 to keep them after if I want to”

“REAL FLOWERS FOR SURE, better for the environment, worth the extra money!”

“Can’t beat a real bouquet and they will smell lovely”

Silk Flowers, Real Flowers ,that is the question!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to two Londoners florists Clare Oliver Floristry and Friend of Faux.

Sit down, relax and enjoy a discussion on one the most “burning” topics of your Wedding Day Planning!

Credit: Friend of Faux

How did you become a florist and what makes you decide to specialize in one type of flowers?

Clare: I began my working life in Communications and Public Affairs, but 20 years and three children later, I decided to follow my father’s footsteps and embrace my passion for flowers. I trained with the world-renowned Judith Blacklock in Knightsbridge and set up my own business in 2017. My style is naturally elegant and romantic.

Credit: Friend of Faux

Anna: I used to work in PR and events and I was sick of seeing so much waste. I hated seeing beautiful floral arrangements getting chucked away at the end of each event. I decided I wanted to create beautiful florals that could be reused again and again. 

Credit: Friend of Faux

Clare, why do you love to work with real flowers?

Clare: I love working with real flowers because they are alive and connect us with nature. Touching and smelling a real flower can evoke a strong emotional response. The distinct floral notes of a flower can have the power to transport us back to a fond memory. Another thing that I love about working with real flowers is that no stem is the same, they all move in different ways. I like to incorporate the natural movement of the flower into my arrangements, I don’t force them to do anything and that is how my arrangements are able to maintain the natural look and feel of the flowers.

Credit: Clare Oliver Floristry

Anna,why do you prefer silk flowers instead?

Anna: I love how you can work with faux flowers in any season and at any time. It’s always Peony season in the silk world!

Also faux flowers give you the freedom to create amazing installations without worrying about wilting, drooping or dying. I can take days over making arrangements as the clock isn’t against me, so I can take my time and make sure everything is perfect.

Florist: Friend of Faux
Photographer: Helena Abraham Photography

Clare, what is the big misconception people have about using real flowers?

Clare: People imagine that using real flowers will be more expensive, but if you use seasonal flowers this doesn’t always have to be the case. I think that the benefits you gain from experiencing the natural feel and scent of the flower far outweighs any additional cost, especially with a wedding bouquet. There is nothing more divine than a bridal bouquet of British grown scented roses!

Credit: Clare Oliver Floristry

Anna , what is the big misconception people have about using silk flowers?

Anna:I think people are, quite rightly, wary about faux flowers – some can be so awful and tacky! But the technology has come on leaps and bounds, so the quality now is extraordinary. It’s fantastic when I see people bend down to smell my faux arrangements!

Florist: Friend of Faux
Photographer: The Springles

What is the best or most unique thing about your service?

Anna: I offer beautiful and reusable garlands for event dressing – mostly for weddings. These eucalyptus garlands can be hired and used to decorate marquee poles, archways or mantels quickly, easily and cheaply. They are then returned to me to be used again and again. It’s so satisfying to know that these garlands are being used hundreds of times and that nothing ends up in the bin. 

I also love creating bridal bouquets that last forever. It’s a really special thing to create flowers that can be kept forever.

Credit: Clare Oliver Floristry and Heather Sham Photography

Clare: Our floral designs are natural, elegant and romantic with an emphasis on seasonal flowers.

I use British flowers as much as possible from carefully selected growers and suppliers.

Every wedding is truly unique and so we provide a bespoke wedding flower service to suit the style, theme and personality of the couple getting married. I like to meet the couple in person or on zoom for a personal consultation to talk through all of their ideas and to really get to know them. 

Credit: Friend of Faux

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