It started with a swipe to the right and I would have never thought we will become so tight.

You are a big Liverpool fan and I didn’t think I will fall in love with a Scouser man.

I am a little fan of Spurs I never thought I would be yours.

We had an instant spark and you definitely left your mark.

Almost 2 years in and life couldn’t be better, I am marrying my soul mate who is a go-getter.

I can’t imagine my life without you and I am excited and I hope you are too.

You make me laugh in your weird ways and those are the things that make my days.

Today I am happy and content as I am marrying my best friend, I promise the love we share will never end.

Thank you for making me your wife from now on you never walk alone in life.

Nimita’s letter to Hiran

Is it not the sweetest poem in the world? Well done Nimita you made us all crying!!!

Following a romantic proposal in July 2020, Nimita and Hiran get married on Sunday 30th May at Sopwell House.

Their wedding day was a fairy-tale setting dominated by violet, ochre, light blue and cream – with special tributes to Nimita’s mother that sadly passed away not a long time before their wedding day.

The couple met on Tinder and, despite their football disparity (Nimita has always been a fan of Tottenham and Hiran is a supporter of Liverpool), they make the perfect pair!

Read on to see their vision come to life, with the decoration of Roseline B Weddings and Events and photographed by Nishit Parmar Photography.

Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography
Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography
Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography

Here Comes The Bride

Nimita and Hiran had their civil ceremony in the early afternoon on a sunny day. 

A stunning moon gate dominated the scene with lanterns savvy lined down the aisle. 

The bridal party, two bridesmaids gorgeously dressed in their ochre outfits and the MOH in bright pink, lead the way for the bride entrance.

The bride made her entrance escorted by her father – I still got emotional thinking about their hug before she gets married !

Heart-warming, beautiful ceremony pitched into pure cuteness when the pageboy walked down the aisle to give them their wedding rings.

 I can still hear the laughter from all guests when he hugged Hiran leg!

The happy couple walked down the aisle hand in hand as husband and wife, surrounded by the joy and love of their family and friends 

Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography
Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography
Credit:Nishit Parmar Photography

Happily Ever After!

Sunset is the best time ever to get your wedding picture taken, don’t you agree?

The sun is warm but not too hot and the beautiful atmosphere just creates the right setting to capture you for the first time as a wedded couple!

Like Nimita and Hiran, choose a venue that has access to the parkland and you won’t be disappointed by the result! 

TOP TIP: I recommend getting some alone time during your wedding celebration – the day will go so quickly so pause it to appreciate it fully! You can do this right after you have taken your pictures so you can enjoy fully the presence of your guests during your wedding breakfast!

Credit: Nishit Parmar Photography
Credit: Nishit Parmar Photography

Cheers to the Newlyweds!

Smile, it’s celebration time! I LOVE confetti – those are fun times and your pictures will look stunning as these by Nishit Parmar Photography. But if your wedding venue doesn’t allow you to have them, I would recommend having bubble confetti instead! Same fun and zero mess afterwards!

Don’t you love this tablespace? Violet, ochre, light blue and cream was everywhere from stationery to flower deco, creating the perfect fairy-tale atmosphere.

Credit: Nishit Parmar Photography

Nimita and Hiran wedding day was such an inspiration! A lovely couple with amazing people around them, how nice! I enjoyed being part of their day and help them to make it an enchanting experience!

Are you thinking “Oh crap I loved this concept, mine is similar but I am not sure how to put it together? What happened if it doesn’t turn as I want on my Big Day?” 

If you are, not to worry I can help!

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