A Q&A with Emma from Emma Jane Floral Design

“Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me”

Doris Day – Dream A Little Dream of Me

How many times you were daydreaming about your Wedding Day?

And how many time those dreams were starting from a picture seen online?

Often when you are scrolling down thousands of pictures on social media about wedding your heart recognize “The One”.

A piece of the Wedding of your Dream.

It can be the perfect centrepiece or a gown that you love, does not matter.

That pic is going to fit in the bigger picture of your wedding day and it will complete the puzzle.

The idyll can be soon crushed when you realize the following things:

  • That precious item is over budget
  • You do not have any idea on how recreate the same vibes without it
  • You cannot find a supplier that can help you with that

Do not despair, as I do have the solution for you!

I have tons of trusted suppliers that are there to offer you their creativity to make the look you aim for without breaking the wallet!

One of them is Emma from Emma Jane Floral Design.

She is a dynamic, creative and super professional lady and she will never let you down.

I have asked Emma what she think in regards to Pinterest as a tool for the Wedding Research and this is what she had to say about it.

Credits: Sophie Renshaw Photography

1) When did you start to love floral design?

I’ve always loved flowers. As a young girl I would pick blooms from my Granny’s garden and every Christmas I’d *attempt* to help my mum make a wreath to adorn our front door… I think she probably had to redo mine! Thankfully, I’ve had a lot of practise since!

My career in floristry started, just a few years ago, in 2017. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing florists, and on some breath-taking weddings. This really helped me to pin down my own style and I started my own business Emma Jane Floral Design in 2019.

Credits: Sophie Renshaw Photography

2)How can getting a good florist change the impact of your wedding day?

Finding a florist who you trust and whose style you like is invaluable. I would never recommend choosing a florist based on price alone, check out their website and social media pages to see if you like what they make. That way you can be sure that you’ll love your wedding flowers!

Be honest with your florist about your budget but be realistic too. We can help you figure out where to spend your floral budget, but we can’t make something for nothing.

Having an open and honest dialogue, from both sides, is vital for a good relationship.

3)How do you think that Pinterest has changed your way of working?

Pinterest is great for helping couples narrow down what style of floristry they’re looking for; do you like a neat and pretty traditional showered bouquet or a wild and whimsical boho bouquet? Collecting a few images is a great way to show your florist what you like.

I often get couples who apologise for not knowing the names of flowers – don’t worry about this AT ALL! Send over a quick photo from Pinterest and I’ll know exactly what you mean!

4)What suggestions would you give to your couples about the reliability of Pinterest?

Pinterest is great for inspiration, BUT it does have some draw backs.

Lots of the wedding florals on Pinterest are from weddings or photoshoots with BIG budgets, they are dream wedding inspo… but not attainable for everyone. Ask your florist what will work within your budget and prioritise “must have” floral designs vs “would like”.

Another thing to be aware of is editing. All professional photographers will edit their photos in their own unique style and so the colours are not always true to life. Bare this in mind and ask your florist if you are not sure.

5)Why do you love doing your job?

I love making beautiful things, seeing a wedding aesthetic come together and “that look” when I pass someone their wedding bouquet!

I am so happy that Emma offers to help to dig deeper in this argument But this was just the start of the conversation about using Pinterest in the Wedding Industry.

Do you want to know more about how to use Pinterest in your wedding research? Well stay tuned because I am planning to hold more interview with other amazing suppliers from my network to get their opinion on the matter.

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