A Q&A with Samantha of SJB Hair & Make Up

You got stuck on a late Saturday afternoon.

You were scrolling down on another shimmering website promising you the wedding of your dream, when suddenly an email came into your inbox.

Another quote. It was already the third that week, and you honestly did not know what to do about it


Because for your wedding you want the best, but you do not know what is it.


Credit: Andrew Billington Photography

Nowadays surfing the net is the way to find answers to your questions. Whenever you are looking for, from hotels to flight, from online grocery to wedding vendors can be found online.But making sure the wedding supplier you select are really trustworthy,that is another story.

And this is particularly true for beauty services. They are the greatest professional of mesmerizing transformation that, with a pinch of fairy dust will transform you in Cinderella ready to go down the aisle.

That’s why it is so important to get it right.To discuss about this I asked for help to one for most influential makeup artist in London and surrounding : Samantha of SJB Hair & Make up.

Samantha is a luxury makeup artist, hair stylist and hair designer. During her career, she worked for TV,theatre,corporate events and weddings, creating memorable masterpieces for her clients.

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1)How did you become a Hair and Make Up Artist?

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for all things related to fashion, beauty, and am self confessed product junkie, you name it I have probably brought it. Having attended a performing arts school from the age of 3, where we danced and performed daily, hair and makeup was a big part of it.  I studied fashion and business at university and went on to work in Top Shop as a style advisor. 

Styling is in my blood and is exactly how I approach hair and makeup as an overall style to suit each individual personal taste, after all that is what makes us all different. 

In 2012 I took a leap of faith and decided to turn that passion for hair and makeup into my career. Training with the likes of Beauty Call, DFMA Academy and MAC PRO to start my career.  Very soon I went onto found SJB Hair and Makeup and subsequently the SJB team, a handpicked small and trusted group of artists. Together we work around London and the south east looking after clients for weddings, parties, special occasions and photoshoots. We have also been involved in tv and theatre. 

I can honestly say I have found my passion and it has become my business… I have the perfect excuse to now buy all tbose products I so love, play with hair and makeup all day, meet some amazing people and more than anything give clients an amazing experience, feel fabulous. 

2)So Samantha, what are your top 3 tips for brides choosing a hair and makeup artist?

During my years of experience I learned how can be difficult for brides to make a choice about the beauty professional to hire for their wedding. The three top tips I will give are:

Do your research

Unless you are of the lucky few and you are 100% sure about what kind of hair and make-up you want for your big day, you need to do some research. Start by researching online at websites like Pinterest and in wedding magazines to gather ideas of the look you hope to achieve for your wedding day. Once you have a fair idea then you can start to look for your hairstylist and makeup artist in your local area.

Most professional artists use social media platforms … start following those artists you like, look at their galleries on their websites. Focus on their “real life brides” … models are models for a reason and are easy to make look good. The best way to judge someone’s work and get a feel for their style is to look at their work on real brides, so you can see the actual hairstyles they have created to last all day – not just for a photo shoot – and make-up that makes us “normal” folk look amazing. Ask yourself – do I like their work? Do the pictures show a variety of styles? and don’t forget to check out their testimonials.

Choose whose work you love and someone you click with 

It’s super important that you “connect” and feel at ease with your chosen artist as you are placing a lot of trust in this person on the day. Your chosen hair and makeup artist will be spending most of the morning with you on your Big Day so it’s important you get on with them. It’s more than likely you’re going to feel nervous, anxious, excited so you need to feel relaxed and at ease with the person you choose. Call them before you book anything to have a chat, are they friendly, do they make a good impression on the phone, are they willing to give you their time and come across as flexible and open, do they listen to your ideas about hair and make-up?

When you find the right one, book them 

Book early….remember like all your suppliers there is only one of them and if you like them and find you have a connection to them and their work book them asap, before you miss out.

3)What is the biggest mistake brides make when choosing their hair and makeup artist?

Not doing their research to see if the artists is the right fit and offer the right service to them as client…. that is on style as well as cost.
A good rule is to think of makeup artists in the same way you do hairdressers. If you want the most senior team member the service will be more expensive. It is the same concept with hair and makeup artists. The difference in cost is reflected in the years of experience an artists has, the knowledge needed to ensure your event runs smoothly and stress free, so you can enjoy the experience of professional hair & makeup. The type of makeup kit and products used. A hair and or makeup style may take your artist 30mins, but that is because she or he have perfected their skill so they can create something beautiful in that time frame.

Credit: Andrew Billington Photography

4) What’s the best or most unique thing about your service?

At SJB hair and makeup, we like to offer a full and comprehensive service to all our clients, and we are extremely passionate about what we do…. for me it’s about creating a hair and makeup style that works for each individual, so I consider the clients wedding dress, personal style, venue, personality… as an all-encompassing piece to ensure the hair and makeup we go for works for every aspect of them and wedding their day. I develop a strong bond with my clients, and for that moment in time we become friends -I never forget that for most my clients its their first experience of a wedding day,and its important I make their experience a positive one – recent feedback from a bride wrote  “when we met you said you look after your brides and you do 100%” .This is and will always be my aim for every bride I work with.

I can’t thank Samantha enough for the time she dedicated to me during this interview. She is a wonderful person to connect with and I am so happy she accepts to giving a hand answering some of my brides pain points.

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