So wedding traditions! Everyone nowadays aims to personalize their wedding day in a unique way.

However, there is one that is worldwide knows and respected for centuries: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe”.

But where this rhyme come from and why brides should wear these items on their wedding day?

This wedding tradition describes the four (technically five) objects a bride should have with her on her wedding day for good luck.

The jingle had originated in the Victorian era in the English country Lancashire. In that time, people believe that carrying these items on the wedding day will protect the bride from the Evil Eye.

Let’s check out each of them to know more about their meaning and how you can include those lucky charm on your wedding day.

“Something Old”

Photo by Barby Dalbosco

“Something old” is the first item mentioned in the rhyme because fulfill the popular belief that will protect brides-to-be from the Evil Eye to cause infertility.

Nowadays brides embrace this line by carrying something that have a sentimental value and belong to elderly relatives.

“Something New”

Photo by Sarka Jelenova

“Something New” represents the positive vibe that accompanies every wedding. The joy brought from  the awareness of starting off a new chapter of life with your Prince Charming.

It can really be anything, from your wedding dress to your wedding rings like the one in the picture from Molten Wedding Ring Company, but is important to identify which object it is in your wedding outfit to fully embrace this tradition.

“Something Borrowed”

Photo by Genessa Panainte

The old-fashioned credulity demands the bride to borrow an item from another happy couple or relatives to shift their happiness and luck for themselves ensuring a long-lasting and merry union.

For a touch of charming,  good luck why do not ask for a nice bracelet or other piece of jewellery to finalize your look?

“Something Blue”

Photo by James Bold

Popular beliefs concord that adding in your wedding attire “something blue” will not only protect from the Evil Eye but also ensure your marriage will be full of love, purity and fidelity—three symbolic meaning of the colour blue.

Brides are finding always original ways to incorporate little blue touches to their wedding day, someone would even have blue shoes like in the picture!

“Sixpence in Your Shoe”

Photo by Andy Holmes

The last part of the old rhyme described to add sixpence on the bride shoes as a wish of prosperity and good luck.

Traditionally, the father of the bride presents her with the sixpence just before she walks down the aisle.

Even if the sixpence was decommissioned in the UK in 1980 a lot a Brides found a way to get this to respect this tradition.

And you? What of this are you going to include in your wedding day?