Nourish and include some wedding traditions in your celebration is important, even if you decide to have an informal wedding as not only will be accepted gladly from the bridal party, but also will make your wedding really timeless.

So let’s dive in each tradition to discover more about their origin!

White Wedding Dress

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Yes, because this old tradition was led by the most farsighted and wise sovereign of all the times:Queen Victoria!

Her choice to wear a white dress for her wedding day was perfectly aligned with her modern way of thinking.The dress outraged English aristocrats as white was traditionally the color of mourning.

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Wedding Cake

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This neverending tradition was born over 2000 years ago when Ancient Romans used to bake cakes and stuck one over another one for the newlyweds as propitatory rite to guarantee fertility . The new couple was then challenged to kiss each other over the tower cake to ensure a lifelong happiness.

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Wedding Rings

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As you may know the circle represents the eternal love and this is exactly the reason why the tradition of wedding rings is one of my favourite.The custom of exchange wedding rings has origin in the mists of time.

In fact, since the Antique Egypt, suitor used to propose with a simple ring made of hemp or reeds.

With the passage of time this tradition has been reiterated introducing new precious and durable materials. It was believed that the more expensive the material, the more love was being shown . It is no mistakable accident that diamond rings are still a very popular choice despite the price. In fact, diamonds have long been considered as symbols of eternity because they are the hardest gems on earth.

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Bridal Bouquet

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The origin of the bridal bouquet dates back at the Ancient Rome tradition when brides carried garlands, believing that flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. This customary continue until the Victorian Era when the beloved and futuristic Queen Victoria freshened up this tradition with the introduction of the modern version of the bridal bouquet based on the one she carried at her own wedding with Prince Albert. Queen of hearts, she actively initiate a social convention revolution leading the world towards the XX siecle.

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So today we saw together 4 of the most iconic wedding traditions that I love the most. I do hope you enjoyed it and I want to encourage you to comment below what is the wedding tradition that you are going to embrace on your wedding day.

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